Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blogging about Blogging

First of all- I'm creeping up there on 100 posts! I'll have to think about something fun to do for post 100. (This is post 98)

Second of all, I set some gears in motion yesterday for surgery on my foot, mentioned here, here, here, and here in chronological order. Looks like it will be soon, but not a lot has panned out on the job front right now, and my surgeon is great, so I have to believe that this is the right time.

*Given* that surgery will be soon (this is my 7th or 8th, so there's not so much a fear of the unknown as the fear of the "Oh, not this again...") and given that my last serious surgery was in 2000 (last surgery of any sort was in 2006) I have a tool at my disposal this time that I didn't before: Blogging!!

Is anyone interested in me blogging through this? Is anyone *opposed* to me blogging through this? No gory pictures, I promise. In fact, no pictures at all of me in hospital, I don't want them, and neither do you.

I never intended to become a "medblogger" per se, but writing is amazing therapy... It's not worth losing my readers, though!


Corey said...

As a mom to a kid with medical "stuff" (WildGirl was born with one eye and her mouth only opens a pinky's width and she has a wonky hip and a leg length discrepancy) I personally find medical stuff & what doctors can do to be pretty doggone interesting. I'm all for it.

FosterAbba said...

The point of blogging is to write about what you find interesting in your life.

If you write about it well, it will be interesting to others.

Reighnie said...

I agree with FosterAbba.

Also, my post about Pressure Sores has been my most read by far. I've been itching to post about the wound vac Hubbins is using because it is awesome.

I just need to get to my camera, etc...

vicsens said...

By all away. It will help pass the time during recuperation.

(faithful reader; first time commenter)

Ashley said...

Faithful reader, first time commenter? I *have* those?! Cool!!

Welcome, Vicki :)

Jennie said...

write away! I had plans to do something cool for my 100th post and then didn't because it was too much pressure! lol