Monday, December 21, 2009

Healing, I think...

Wow, what a difference two weeks makes... But not really.

Basically what I forgot to update about was the specialist deciding that he could not tell whether or not my foot was broken, but that "something clinically significant" had happened to it. It was black and painful, too painful to even stand on until Saturday. But, with my CP and other issues, no one knew how to read the Xray!

So I spent the last 2 weeks in a cast and went back to the specialist again- Still a lot of pain, still swelling, still from a clinical exam they could tell me where the fracture *should* be... but it wasn't there.

So, they took me out of the cast to let me have a bit more freedom of movement, told me to let pain be my guide, and referred me on to yet another specialist in Feburary.

Otherwise, though, things are going well here. Mackers saw the vet for the second time on Saturday, he has doubled his adoption weight (0.8- 1.6 kilograms) had his second booster and tested negative for the feline leukemia virus!

I wasn't able to get out to get his pictures done with Santa as they were being done for pets the weekend I fell, so here's our best attempt

Happy Holidays from Ashley, Lady, and Mackers!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Basic Equations

I am entirely certain that this is something all of you already understand, but here goes.

I finally think I "get" what it is that happens to those of us with multiple issues when *one* little thing goes wrong, whether it's an hour ahead or back in Daylight Savings/Daylight time, or in my case....

A broken foot on top of CP.

The fabulous Ms. Tiruba Tuba, who you all know very well, has a habit of saying CP is a Pain In The A... I usually agree, now I *more* than agree!

I've gone from "not walking so great" to "now I can't walk at all," and the pain has thrown my anxiety for loo loo loop!

Anything chronic + anything new= PITA!!!!!!!!!!!!