Friday, September 25, 2009

Mom's clean when they're stressed? I seriously did not know this


When I came home from my week at my friend's, I found my room spotless, bed made with love. My Mom did it.

I can only think of a few times since age 16 when my Mom has made my bed.... Usually after my surgeries when I'm too sick to think much about it.

In a way, I hate the way I did things last week- Just taking off like that. But I couldn't think of any other way, and it's all working out.... I hate that I hurt her, but hopefully with some space some healing can take place.

Security deposit paid on the apartment. They can't take it away now :)

Am still blocked on the Sensory Integration post ideas. Does anyone have any questions I could use as jump off points?

Also... I know this is a sensitive issue but I thought I might ask....

You all have such great advice...

I recently recieved confirmation that sexual abuse I remembered in my childhood did happen. I don't want to press charges- I don't even know what the statute of limitations would be, and I don't *want* to know...

But I've been on overdrive. Rapid heartbeat for days, sensory integration things so bad I can't brush my teeth (I *wish* I could....)

Mom desperately wants me to be able to forget about it... "Put it in a box" she said....

I don't think I can without....someting.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So first, an apology

My life exploded last week.

Linda B, if you still want that info, please let me know

Basically, things with my Mom came to a head but I actually went to the social workers this time. After finally telling them everything, the good and the bad (because WOW have I made some mistakes) they were more than happy to help me on the path to independent living.

So, Lady and I will be moving into our own apartment on November 1! (Unless they have to put down new carpet, which I kind of hope they don't because then I can't have a cat)

Also, I think with some distance (I've been sleeping on a friends' floor) my Mom has done some thinking. From telling me I can't have any of my belongings (including my cheques) she's gone to "I understand; Come home, we'll go shopping for towels."

Coming up next.... Sensory Integration post

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Take On Sensory Integration Disorder?

Hi all of you out in bloggyland!

I've been trying to think of something interesting to post lately, and then I realised that most of you with special-needs kids deal with sensory integration issues. Does anyone want to hear my take on my sensory stuff? Would a description help? Any questions you'd love to ask your kids but that they have trouble articulating that I might be able to shed some light on?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Well, at least It's Bloggable!

So I'm sitting back and enjoying my vacation and waiting for your thoughtful questions to roll in- but no pressure :)

A situation occured tonight though, and its only redeeming feature was that it was blog fodder.

After Callie, our lovely hostess, and her partner Candace (synonyms to to preserve their identities as secret agents) recommended a local pub pretty highly, that's where the four of us (Lady, the C's and I) decided to eat for dinner.

Big mistake.

Not only had the menu changed (portions shrank, food that had not been spicy was spicy) but the waitress either had some problem with same-sex couples, or brunettes in wheelchairs. I'm thinking it may have been the latter, as neither Lady and I nor the C's were playing tonsil hockey or had flashing rainbows over our heads.

She was rude and abrupt from the moment we sat down.

"How're you splitting the bills?"

"Whaddaya want to eat?"

"Whaddaya want me to do?"

We were trying to be charitable about it though. Maybe she didn't want to work today. Maybe she's got big stuff going on at home. Maybe her shoes are too tight.

Until we decided to watch her interactions with the other 3 tables in her section. I wish I was joking when I said that the 2 seated before us and the 1 seated after us were treated to spectacular service. She laughed and joked, made recommendations on the new menu (all of our attempts to engage her were met with icy stares) and provided prompt attention.

Eventually, between the blatant...whatever she was doing, and the subpar food we asked to have our most-offending dishes removed from our bills (drinks and appetizers were great; we paid for those) This she did with more rudeness... Then we called a manager over and calmly detailed the lack of service. His eyes just got bigger and bigger as we talked about things she had said or things she had failed to do (Like handing Candace her dinner plate and walking away, leaving the empty appetizer dish on the table and her nowhere to lay her hot food!)

Callie said that she had been a regular customer and that she would never have expected such poor service.

The manager was appropriately apologetic and discounted our amended bills, but Waitress-zilla's death glares followed us out. Left me wondering- Something I said? No. More like something I am...

Positive vacation post tomorrow- I promise!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Updating before Vacation!

So I'm off on vacation in about 12 hours, spending some time with some good friends in another province before school starts on September 9.

Am back on my meds- day 4- and feeling a bit like I'm back in my own head.

I also blog to provide another perspective, so... Any questions? Anything you all would particularly *like* my perspective on? Let me know!

Oh! And just so my cup will runneth over with joy today...