Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So first, an apology

My life exploded last week.

Linda B, if you still want that info, please let me know

Basically, things with my Mom came to a head but I actually went to the social workers this time. After finally telling them everything, the good and the bad (because WOW have I made some mistakes) they were more than happy to help me on the path to independent living.

So, Lady and I will be moving into our own apartment on November 1! (Unless they have to put down new carpet, which I kind of hope they don't because then I can't have a cat)

Also, I think with some distance (I've been sleeping on a friends' floor) my Mom has done some thinking. From telling me I can't have any of my belongings (including my cheques) she's gone to "I understand; Come home, we'll go shopping for towels."

Coming up next.... Sensory Integration post

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