Monday, April 26, 2010

On homemade magic bags and shots

First of all this is my magic bag, hand made by my fabulous other half.

Isn't it pretty?

Second of all, this pain won't quit! Another run to ER about 24 hours ago, this one ending with a firm suggestion to call my neurosurgeon (Like I hadn't thought of that already!) It's much worse than last year, and I was sobbing between double doses of P*er*co*cet. I don't like being on meds that strong, Sam I am. I like it even worse when they don't work.

So anyway, chat with the doc, again, have my neurological function checked, again, and this time get a scrip for muscle relaxants on top of the Perc and a shot of m*o*r*p*h*i*n*e.

That seemed to break the cycle, and after coming home and sleeping for 8 hours, topping up with another perc as directed, and sleeping some more, I felt well enough to get up and get a shower.

So here's to meds that work... at least a little better.

I am so glad I don't have to worry about the cost of my health care!

PS: Honest nurses are great. When Paulette the RN came back with my shot, she said, "Okay, I have your medication here. It's a needle, it's morph, and it stings like a bugger. Once it kicks in, it's good. You won't mind."

She was right. On all counts.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Day in the Life

Corey, over at Watching the Waters, asked what a day in the life was like.... I keep waiting to have an interesting day :P

Am in a lot of pain right now from a bulging disc at S 5 L1 which is known as sciatica. I'm sure all of you probably knew that anyway. Sciatica plus Cerebral Palsy is no fun. I've been dealing with it off and on since Fall 2008, and when it flares it flares *badly*. All of this is just meant to say that I took a spin to the local ER the other day because I had outgrown my pain control regimen and am now on something different that has me a little loopy.

So there's not much on the go in the life here, so I thought I would do a day in the life of Mackers instead.

Wake up, jump on Dad, (Lady) make all kinds of noise so Dad knows I'm hungry. I bite Dad's shins and follow him upstairs so he can fill my bowl with Crunchy food for cats and make sure my fountain for cats is full. Cats drink filtered water in this house. Then I eat and drink, and get bored, so I check my window for birds and bicycles before making more noise so my people will get up.

Mom might need a shower, and I have to supervise if she needs one. I go in the bathroom and meow at the tub and check it all out. I stay on her shower chair until the water starts- Then it is too wet for cats. Then I chase the people upstairs for the day. Dad might give Mom her medicine- Mom has a big ow right now- and Mom might lie down. I might lie down with Mom, but I also might check my window a lot and sleep in my cardboard box. I do not *need* to sleep in a cardboard box, I just like to pretend.

If Mom gets up to go in the bathroom I need to follow her, and if Dad goes downstairs I need to follow him because he might be doing something for cats.

It's very hard to be me, you know. No wonder I need so many naps.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Revisiting an Oldie but a Goodie

So some of you may remember this post, which was a brief foray into my other passion, writing. I love to write fiction, and some tell me that I do it well, but the important thing is I love it, so I would probably do it forever for free.

I came across this article today, which some of you may enjoy reading, which revisits my point. It's very important for kids- especially "different" kids- to find mirrors of themselves in literature, but it's also *hard* for our different kids.

Just food for thought. I'm doing fine, kitty is big and handome and that's really all I have to say. Big hugs.


Sunday, April 11, 2010 said....

That I don't blog enough. So blog I will...

Hair – growing

Your Mother – young
Your Father – absent
Fav Food – french fries, and it shows...Oh well
Dream Last Night – Don't remember
Fav Drink – Organic Irish breakfast tea
What room are you in? – friend's living room
Hobby – blog
Fear – abandonment
Where were you last night? – home
Something that you aren’t – graceful
Muffins – Oatmeal
Wish List Item – job
Where you grew up – St. John's NL
What you are wearing –sweats
Your Pet – one cat, the infamous Mackers
Friends – as family
Something you’re not wearing – shoes
Fav Store – Walmart. Seriously. For the student on a dime?
Fav Color – pink
Last time you laughed – today
Your Best Friend – Tayley
Best Place you go over and over – Blockbuster Video
Person who you email regularly – blogger folks
Fav Place to Eat – Ches' Fish and Chips- Newfoundland exclusive :)
Now I tag…




And anyone else who wants to play

As for my future blogging- Tell me.

What do inquiring minds want to know?