Sunday, April 11, 2010 said....

That I don't blog enough. So blog I will...

Hair – growing

Your Mother – young
Your Father – absent
Fav Food – french fries, and it shows...Oh well
Dream Last Night – Don't remember
Fav Drink – Organic Irish breakfast tea
What room are you in? – friend's living room
Hobby – blog
Fear – abandonment
Where were you last night? – home
Something that you aren’t – graceful
Muffins – Oatmeal
Wish List Item – job
Where you grew up – St. John's NL
What you are wearing –sweats
Your Pet – one cat, the infamous Mackers
Friends – as family
Something you’re not wearing – shoes
Fav Store – Walmart. Seriously. For the student on a dime?
Fav Color – pink
Last time you laughed – today
Your Best Friend – Tayley
Best Place you go over and over – Blockbuster Video
Person who you email regularly – blogger folks
Fav Place to Eat – Ches' Fish and Chips- Newfoundland exclusive :)
Now I tag…




And anyone else who wants to play

As for my future blogging- Tell me.

What do inquiring minds want to know?

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Corey said...

What are you reading?

What do you like to watch on tv?

What's "a day in the life" look like?

What's your favorite recipe?

That should keep you busy for a minute. ;-)