Sunday, March 21, 2010

Further foot info, especially for Linda B. but also for anyone else who might be interested.

I fixed my blog colours so that links will show up in green now. There are a few links on the last post to explain some of the medical-ese, but visual aids can be fun too!

Basically, the triple fusion I talked about would salvage my left foot. The doctor would go in and place screws and plates in the three major joints. Sounds drastic, and it is, but I had one done 10 years ago on the right side and its holding up great.

Why does my foot need to be salvaged? Well, the CP has twisted the bones and muscles in my foot (and elsewhere) all out of shape, so my foot, in repose, looks a little something like this :)

It looks painful, and it kind of is, especially when walking and especially since the break

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Lisa said...

It sounds painful too. Ouch! Thanks for splaining all that. I cannot believe the other dr's didn't catch this.