Saturday, March 20, 2010

In other, foot related news,

I realised I didn't update anyone on the specialist visit I alluded to in this post.

Thank all things holy, I saw someone competent. I had a triple ankle fusion on the right foot, not the one I broke, back in early 2000. I was on the cusp between the recommended procedures, one for adults and one for children, so my pedes surgeon asked an adult surgeon to assist him. That surgeon, lets call him Dr. Rock, happened to be the one I saw in February.

He came in and said, "Your name looks familiar." I told him he had done my first fusion and he grinned, asking if I wanted a matching set. I told him I wasn't completely closed to the idea, but that no one seemed to be able to make up their mind whether or not I had broken the left foot, and although I could walk, it was extremely painful.

He furrowed his brow and got Lady to take off my shoe and sock. Looking only, he said. "What do you think happened to your foot?"

"Avulsion fracture." I said readily, having done some research since the brush off in December.

"So it hurts here?" He asked, putting out one finger and finding the *exact* place where pain was at its worst.

"Exactly!" I said, relieved.

"Let me look at your X-rays," he said. "Avulsion fractures are common in CP."

(Keeping in mind that the X-rays he's referring to are the same ones everyone else has been looking at)

He came back in shaking his head in disbelief. "Yes," he said. "That's broken. It's on the side, so having it out of cast hasn't been detrimental to its healing... just painful for you. I'm so sorry."

I assured him that I didn't blame *him*, not in the least. We discussed casting it again, but decided against it for now. We will be looking to do a fusion in late May, early June so that I can heal properly and this won't happen again.


Linda B said...

Can you tell me what a fusion is? If the explanation is too long just tell me to not be so lazy and look it up! How frustrating that everyone else didn't see this right away. Thankful that you finally got this guy.

Corey said...

The right doctor can make all the difference.. and be such a relief..

I'm glad to hear that this one asks you questions and then listens to the answers, because it sounds like you know what's going on with your own body!

Love you, girl. Praying this will be (part of) the break in the clouds.

The blog is looking cuter than cute, btw.