Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing OT Visit!!

I have the best OT in the entire world. Personable, Irish, incredibly sensible.

I'm getting a bath lift on trial, so I can actually *soak in the bathtub* again, people... This may be slightly more exciting than Tiruba Tuba's towel bar...! Maybe!

I'm getting the kind of walker I had as a little kid, seen here. (Yeah, clunky, but the most stable thing I ever walked in, and I'm going to start walking for *me* again, just like my friend Corey!)

And, new chair, because whoever measured and fit my first one was clearly asleep at the wheel, and walking is going to become my thing I do for me- It's not practical for me to walk everywhere.

But aside from all the snazzy stuff that will be coming in to my home, and probaly even more important... I felt listened to and appreciated and supported. That's what all of us want from our special needs professionals!


Cindy Murphy said...

That's great news Ashley! It's always nice when any professional actually does their job AND manages to treat people with respect at the same time :o)

Corey said...

GO Ashley, it's your birfday, we gon' party like it's your birfday!

SOOOOO glad for you, girl! You certainly deserve some GOOD STUFF after a long dry spell in that department.

Love you! xoxo

Lisa said...

Shamefully late comment.

Fabulous! Doing the happy dance for ya!

Reighnie said...

OMG! That is huge!

I am so happy for you!

Yes, the perfect OT will get you all the goodies you need.

Holy Moly! A bath lift.... I tried to talk Hubbins into one of those and he was like. "no way". Those are so cool!

Also, I remember thinking that who ever fit Hubbins for the chair he had when we first met must've had his head up his, ahem, because it was way too big for Hubbins. We actually had to stuff books between him and the chair so he wouldn't slide over. It will make all the difference.

I know I already said it but I really am so happy for you. :)

Dia por Dia said...

so happy to see you are blogging more! Thrilled about all the good additions!