Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On Children's Programming

Disclaimer: I am not a Mom. Unless we count Mackers.

But honestly, the downturn in children's TV since *I* was small kind of freaks me out. When I was a kid, you could pretty well turn on Family Channel with no worries about what you might see. You might see

Katie and Orbie

Maya the Bee

or Madeline, or an assortment of classic Disney.

On Friday nights there was the incredible lineup of TGIF, which when I was a kid, consisted of Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Full House, Step By Step, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I remember these shows tackling some tough issues: Fitting in, dating, step-families, even child abuse and eating disorders (Thanks, Full House!)

I do not remember any of these characters saying *anything* of the likes of the snarky, irritable, constantly hormonal "tweens" such as Hannah Bratana (I think Corey used that term first?) or Zach and Cody or the blended famly on Life With Derek....

I couldn't sleep last night, so Lady and I were flicking through channels. Family's broadcast day currently opens with my classic favourite, Katie and Orbie. Before it, there was one of the "tween" shows listed above. As we listened to the dialogue, I turned to Lady and said,

"This is why all the kids sound like this!!"

Now, I know that's not the *only* reason, but it made me think.


Lisa said...

I'm appalled too at the subject matter on "family" and "children" shows. I'd be the first on the bring back the old stuff bandwagon.

Corey said...

It wasn't me, although I wish I had been clever enough to coin the phrase.

We recently took our kids OFF of Disney Channel (all except Phineas and Ferb, which my husband and I just cannot break ourselves of because it is just so STINKIN' CLEVER.. but Candace is a brat, too) because we realized that our kids whine and are fresh All.The.Time. And that they sound just like the kids from Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah, & Suite Life. They have gotten too old for the shows on PBS, and for Nick Jr.. the only think I can find that is remotely appropriate is Scooby Doo. Maybe when we move, it will be a good time to do away with the telly! ZOINKS!

FosterAbba said...

This was one of the reasons we canceled our satellite TV service and didn't subscribe to cable. Now all we watch is DVD movies.

Hannah Bratana was banned at our house after I saw the episode where she defied her father and duped the housekeeper into escorting her to a concert in Florida. What made me angriest wasn't that Hannah lied to her father and duped the housekeeper, though. At the end of the episode, she was not given consequences for her lies and defiance.

What a GREAT role model she is for kids, especially those with behavioral problems already...NOT!

I'm just glad my kid is old enough not to care about Hannah Bratana any more.

Cindy Murphy said...

Ahhh TGIF, I remember it fondly. I think when we have kids I'm gonna have to stock up on DVDs from the good ol' days. That sounds so wrong. I'm too young to be saying such things... Oh well, so gotta get the Smurfs on DVD :o)