Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ramblings Just Before School Starts

So I'm back to school 5 days a week as of tomorrow. I love the start of a semester- the rush and energy of starting new courses. It's only about 6-7 weeks in that I get bogged down with pain and stress and fear and procrastination and depression and all that fun stuff. Any suggestions for tapping or rubbing around that, folks? Or other tips?

Lady's coming back too, as my PCA everday and my classmate in one course.

Sister Lizzie has been back in school since Monday- I don't think she's impressed, but then again what DOES make you impressed when you're 15?

I'm also considering a job as a respite provider for a family friend- Emotional respite as opposed to physical care which is what I get myself. It's a testament to the wide array of abilities of the non-normal that we can have and give services that are similar!

Well, I'm off to pack my bookbag

Light, Love and Energy



Lisa said...

Tapping phrase...make your stress and depression really big first (in your mind).

Then "I'm feeling overwhelmed and sad" for your first tapping.

Then the next one in the day get your fear really big and do the

"I'm so scared of _________."

Then the next one do:

"I can do this _______."

Respite provider sounds like a great job. I do respite for families of RAD kids and it's a lot of satisfaction to give them a break.

Lisa said...

Thanks Ashley! I read J your comment and she was very appreciative. She said to tell you that her friendship energy is blue. I think she's tired of typing since she had to do her blog and the letter to G.

I'll show her on the globe now!