Thursday, November 12, 2009

Triple A- Awards, Afebrile, and Adoption

First of all, can anyone tell me how you get your awards on your sidebar? I finally have time to pick mine up, but I want them to look *reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy* nice, like the ones you have.

Second of all, the H1N1 bug seems to be heading off quite nicely- All that's left is a tickling cough and general malaise, so I'll take that over fevers and body aches severe enough to make me cry, a cough that bounced me so much I usually got *air* between myself and the mattress and congestion.

I'm feeling down, but that's no surprise with the parents' divorce clicking merrily away and all the excitement of moving dying down. Don't get me wrong- Living here is really nice. I have the chance to set accessibility up the way I want it, Lady and I cook the foods we want, that kind of thing. But it's something I was looking forward to for quite some time, it didn't go at all the way I expected, and now it's done. So am feeling a bit let down.

Which brings me to the third A in my title- Adoption. No, not of a kiddo, though I'd love to do that someday. Right now we're waiting on approval to adopt a little black kitten from the local Humane Society. If we can't, I'm sure he'll go to a great home, but I'm hoping to get him into *my* home and change his name from "Pop" to "MacBeth"- Mackers for short.

Good kitty vibes are appreciated.


Lisa said...

Hey Ash!
Right click on the award and save to your desktop. Then go to layout under your blogger settings, then add a gadget, scroll down to click picture, find your award on your desktop and save.

Glad things are settling down a little. Good vibes for Mackers.

Love & light,

Torina said...

Good luck on the whiskers!!! Love hsi new name!!