Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too True Tuesday- The SHOES!

I was so excited that I would have something for this week's Too True Tuesday! In fact, the moment I told Lady the topic she said "You have to write about the shoes!"

Above, you see one of The Shoes- Black leather, zipper in the side, Dr. Scholl's insole I think this is the right shoe. It's on my pillow for its modeling debut. This is a comfortable shoe, albeit *very* plain.

I kid you not, I have had more than half a dozen pairs of these *identical* shoes bought for me by an Aunt I shall call T.

T and I were very close as I was growing up- She was my Other Mother. But I think in her mind I never got any older than 12. Anyway, she still does quite a bit for me.... But for a while we almost had a falling out because of The Shoes.

I was 18. Starting University. And T bought me Pair 1 of the shoes. Yay. They weren't for any special occasion other than the start of school. And I liked them.

Then I got an identical pair 3 months later for Christmas. Okay... Thanks T

Then I got a pair for my birthday, 6 weeks after Christmas....

Then I got a pair for starting my second year of University... I could now *interchange* these shoes.

I said to T. "I really appreciate the shoes, but I have enough pairs now, thank you!"

I got a movie for Christmas....

And then? For my birthday? You guessed it. Shoes.

THOSE I returned to the Mart of Walls.

(The pair featured here is the *newest* pair, given to me in July by, you guessed it, T. But at least they weren't for any occasion!)


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

What the heck???? You have me stumped on that one!!! What on earth? Well, you will not need new shoes for a decade or so!

Annie said...

That's so funny! I guess once you find the "perfect gift" for someone - stick with it!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is hystericall. Do you think T was suffering from early stages of Alzheimers or just really liked those shoes?

Linda B said...

hey I gave you an award over on my blog www.allcrazyhere.blogspot.com I'm just a wee bit slow in letting you know!

Corey said...

Hey Ash,
I nominated you for a blog award, chica!