Friday, July 17, 2009


Can you tell that I'm excited? This is day 2....count 'em, T-W-O of me being out of pain. That makes a happy Rolladyke! And a happy Rolladyke tends to post on her blog!

I have PT/Massage on Monday to see if we can get this pain *kept* down this time. Am trying to remind myself that it won't be like when I was little; No big gym with kids all around it on mats working with their individual PTs, no "punishments" when I screamed or cried from the pain... Sometimes the things that get done to kiddos with physical disabilities are downright scary! Necessary, probably... but scary.

(I don't mean to castigate any of the Awesome Moms who read here who have to take their kiddos to PT and make them do therapies. I just had a particulary rough time. I'll elaborate in another post)

I wanted to post a thought I had.... but right now I think I'll just use this post to celebrate being out of pain!


Light, love, and energy (because I have it to spare now)



Lisa said...

This fabulous news Ashley!!!
Woo hoo!!!!!

Parenting the Hoovers said...

Good for you! Sorry you have to deal with pain. I'm sure it can make one a bitch sometimes. At least it does me that way.

Hope you can keep it up. Whatever works.

Lisa Baker said...

Yay! I'm happy to hear that you are not in pain.