Monday, November 17, 2008

A Little More Difficult

I'm tired today, and a bit discouraged. My writing (independent, not academic) always suffers when my depression acts up... I hope I can get out of this place before finals. Will need to do some work this evening on grounding and finding balance.

My grandmother is out of hospital and baby Lily is home as well. Her Aunt had a nasty car accident on Saturday night- It was the fault of the cabdriver. Strange. I always thought you were safe in a cab. So for awhile, we had 4 family members at the local hospital- Everyone is out now, thankfully.

I'm wishing for things I shouldn't today. Feels a bit like if my pain flared up (I have a bulging disc, along with my CP, that causes intermittent but serious pain) I would at least have an excuse to feel like this. Am having some difficulties around food that Lady (my partner- From the Animaniacs bit "Okay Lady I love you bye-bye") wants me to connect with a therapist about.

Enough about me-

Sending Light Love and Energy to all my awesome followers


PS: Daily Funny

Baby Lily is beautiful, but it is only now that her Mom is confessing that she had some nightmares pre-delivery. Julie's husband John (alias again of course) had an abnormally large head. It didn't end up coming to anything, but John was going to doctors for 2 years after he was born to check on this. Julie had a dread of a baby with a huge head- Turns out Julie's mother Margaret (alias, alias who's got the alias) was also having this dream- Luckily, baby Lily has a beautiful head!

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Torina said...

I hope you feel better soon! Depression is a tough one to dig out of...