Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paperwork and conclusions

Dealing with paperwork this morning. Yes indeed, I am still disabled, I would be bothered were I not. Yes indeed I would still like to receive the handy dandy financial support that allows me to keep living in my lovely apartment and keeps Mackers in kitty food. I will only accept these services until I no longer need them; then I will happily pay taxes to ensure that other people can also benefit.

Changing billing addresses- my paratransit bills should not be showing up at Lady's mom's house, that just makes things weird. (Also, I think it costs more in manpower, postage and ink to send someone a bill for 6.75, but what do I know)

I am not going back to school this fall, I am instead figuring out health and documentation and surgery to reapply for funding in January. Next appointment with the surgeon is Oct. 12. I'm really going to push hard to get things scheduled, if they aren't by then. 

Lady is in school, and thriving, and maybe will post on her blog soon to tell you all about it.

I'm trying out a role as a Girl Guide leader this fall, so good wishes are appreciated. I'm excited about it right now, and we'll see what it brings.

I'm saving change in a bottle to go to Orlando.

I'm also standing in a wedding in two weeks and don't have a dress yet- Breathe in and out, it'll happen.

Think that's most of it for now, except for the fact that they sent a bedbug sniffing dog in here the other day as a "spot check" and I think Spot was more interested in Mackers than he was in anything of the bug persuasion.

There's nothing terribly exciting in this blog post, but that's the state of things right now.

Ta for now,



Tudu said...

I hope you make it to Orlando!

Linda B said...

You sound very busy-especially with the emotional kind of energy it takes for those tasks. I hope you are able to get the surgery scheduled and get that behind you. Paperwork....yuck!!!