Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As promised, some Mackers pictures

Big as he is, we still spend a lot of time like this

This is Mack now. He is much bigger, and believes this box to be his. The dropcloth from painting shelves? Also his.


Lisa said...

So cute. They are always so funny when their head hasn't grown into the their ears. :)

Great snuggle buddy too!

Jennie said...

replying to your comment on my post RE: Figuring it out

Yes, I think you're right. If Wonder Girl and Aspie Boy felt unsafe with Sissy being gone, they'd act out in anger.

that means we can figure the opposite to be true. With Sissy gone they finally feel SAFE to talk about their adoption.

Other than her volatile behaviors, that makes me wonder if there was something else about Sissy that made them feel unsure about talking about adoption. Curious, that.

Thanks for commenting!