Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too True Tuesday!

I'm so excited to be participating in my first Too True Tuesday!

Well, here goes... the thing that is not necessarily bad about me, but is strange but true.

I didn't eat any meat of any sort until I was 17 due to a lot of anxiety/sensory things... but this isn't the embarrassing part- The embarrassing part is that now that I *will* eat meat, I'm catching up on the McDonald's Happy Meals I missed as a kid... and these I just discovered this summer!

I know! I know! McDonald's is horrible for you, and chicken nuggets are made of meat slurry and all the rest... but there's a little box... and a toy... and it's *just* the right size for a lunch or snack....

So yes- that's me- too true. University student, newly-made Happy Meal consumer...


Annie said...

Very good! That you can write that, and STILL eat McDonald's is amazing. I eat McDonald's but I keep myself in the dark about it.

Corey said...

Well, take heart. You are probably not actually eating meat, anyway. ;-)

That being said, I love a good greasy Quarter Pounder w/cheese every now and then, and McDonald's has the best soft serve cone around.. and for only a BUCK, it's cheap enough for big families like mine to be able to afford pretty frequently!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...



You are not alone. But don't tell anyone.

Paula Perry said...

oh dear me...what can i say i was so proud that you didn't eat meat until you were 17 then you had to shatter it! oh dear