Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not Okay, Not Okay, NOT OKAY

Not me- I'm coping.

I'm also furious.

I have, until recently, *really* enjoyed Dan Savage's column, podcast, and books. I've *bought* Dan's books, for heaven's sake.

And now this.

Can't handle it. I've listened to the podcasts in which he uses words like that, and I've always let it go as heat of the moment, doesn't know any better.

But another reader did what I didn't- Stepped forward, tried to educate, and was instead, mocked.

I can't support that anymore. I can't excuse that anymore. Maybe I should never have done.

I'm sorry I ever recommended him to anyone, I'm sorry I ever read his books, bought his books, listened to his podcast.

This is his fanpage on Facebook where I intend to voice my displeasure and then leave.

This is NOT okay. Not by me.

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