Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On "Normals."

I come to you today as a young woman with Special Needs- I used to hate that term, but let's face it- I got 'em. I'm 22 and need someone to put my boots on, can't drive (have been assessed, not gonna happen with the current cars on the road) still need a rubber sheet on my mattress just in case.

I come to you- my Awesome Moms- with a question. Understand that I do not see any of you as Normal, and that I mean that as the highest compliment

WHY is there a switch in the heads of 'normal' people- who just do NOT get it- that makes them think they know better than a 'non-normal' someone who is neuro-atypical or physically disabled or has their crazy a bit less hidden?

Can we take it out?

I've got a screwdriver...


Lisa said...

You are too funny!
I have wondered this same thing many times over and I'm so glad you've come up with a solution.
I think a hammer would do more good!

Ashley said...

Too true, Lisa!

Torina said...

Oh, yes. Those crazy "normal" people. No idea on how to make them truly grasp it...or I could sic my daughter on them and I'll bust my grandma out of the sanitarium and I will go off my meds and we'll just let the chips fall where they may... :) hee hee

Lisa said...

Thank you Ashley for being supportive of J. It means so much!
You are NOT a nobody. You are somebody special. You are very important to us and I am so glad you're in our lives!!!!!